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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

New In Monster Hunter World This Week: Event Quests And Limited Bounties

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We're still coming to grips with how Monster Hunter World will engage players long-term with its endgame. New monsters to fight and new video game-themed gear are on the way, but in the meantime, Capcom will provide a regular supply of new limited-time quests and bounties to keep players busy. Here's what's new this week on PS4 and Xbox One.

In terms of event quests, the next batch of three have rotated into the game and will be available until February 15. All of them involve hunting multiple monsters, but the first two are five-star quests that can be taken on starting at Hunter Rank 8. Kirin the Myth, as the name suggests, involves slaying two Kirin in Coral Highlands; there is a faint limit of three, a 50-minute time limit, and a reward of 14,400 Zenny. Wicked Wildspire Warfare has the same failure conditions but a reward of 9,360 Zenny (plus some Armor Spheres). You'll have to hunt two Barroths and a Diablos to emerge victorious.

Those looking for a higher-end challenge can take on the Triple Threat Throwdown event quest. This is a Special Arena mission where you'll have to hunt a Great Girros, Great Jagras, and Dodogama. You again have 50 minutes to complete this and will fail after three faints, and you'll need to reach HR 13 in order to take this on. The reward is 14,040 Zenny in addition to unspecified decorations.

Also new are the latest set of Limited Bounties. If you're unfamiliar with these, they're bounties which are automatically assigned to you from the Resource Center and provide specific challenges to complete during the week. (The exact timing for the reset seems to differ between Xbox One on Thursday and PS4 on Friday, US time.) All three Limited Bounties are Ecology Surveys that call for you to hunt specific monsters (or categories of monsters). You'll have to hunt three Great Girros, four Rathalos, and five Elder Dragons. Completing each of these objectives rewards you with some combination of Research Points, Armor Spheres, and trade-in items, and completing all three nets you an additional reward. Here's exactly what's on tap:

Ecology Survey: Hunt Great Girros 350 Research Points2 Armor Sphere+1 First Wyverian PrintEcology Survey: Hunt Rathalos 450 Research Points4x Armor Sphere+1x Steel Wyverian PrintEcology Survey: Slay Elder Dragon (high rank) 600 Research Points4x Hard Armor Sphere1x Silver Wyverian PrintGeneral: Limited Bounty 500 Research Points1x Gold Wyverian Print1x Golden Egg

Finally, there's a limited-time mission--Challenge Quest 1: Beginner--which you can access from the Arena Counter in the Gathering Hub once you hit HR 2. You'll have to slay a Kulu-Ya-Ku and Pukei-Pukei with one of a handful of weapons, with the goal being to finish as quickly as possible. The faint limit is nine, and the reward is 1,080 Zenny.

Also of note right now is a new update that's been released on both platforms. It makes some balance changes to Bowguns, resolves Squad issues on PS4, and addresses various other issues. That includes fixing an issue that prevented some players from accessing the free 5 Million Celebration Item Pack; as a result, its availability has been extended through February 22. There's also a new pack now available to celebrate the game's 6 million milestone; you can grab both by playing online and claiming your Daily Login Bonus.

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