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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Meine Front

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Meine Front - new free multiuser browser online RPG game about the Second World War.

We bring to your attention the unusual historical project on the subject of 2 world wars of MEINEFRONT. Game covers the historical period of fierce fight between armies of Wehrmacht and armies of British for Tobruk. Fighting action are conducted among hot sand and are historically approached to the real. Severe soldiers armed with rifles, machine guns and bazookas daily conduct fluctuating battles. You are offered to take a place among soldiers of one of fractions, to participate in fights, to receive the deserved award and a new rank, to prove that friendship and belief in a victory this main thing in our life. Communication in the game is conducted only in German and English languages, it is possibility not only to receive positive emotions in game but also to improve the knowledge of languages. At registration through the referalny reference you receive additional bonuses. We wait for you, probably you will bring a victory of the fraction!

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2016-06-23 20:49:03
warum kommt mann nicht ins spiel rein?????
2013-07-26 01:51:54
And once more: 1. Application for registration of units served in the headquarters building, the ground of his native city. 2. Registration fee units. The registration fee is 10 000 GBP 3. A player may apply for registration with the Division 3 level 4. Those who wish to join any unit can be any level. 5. Administration may refuse to register a subdivision without explanation. 6. Registration unit occurs within 3-5 days from the date of application for registration. 7. Player applied for registration of the unit should be tested for purity before the law. 7. To register the unit must have the clan icon 16x16. 9. When you register unit to provide a link to the site office. Requirements for units: 1. Division name should be associated with gaming themes. 2. In the name of the department should not be propaganda materials, chauvinistic, pornographic nature. Banned names of real historical and terrorist organizations. 3. Site units must be placed banner project advanced, as well as the text of the charter division, which must necessarily be described by the following provisions: 4.the conditions under which a player comes into the unit - the conditions under which a player leaves the unit - provision of internal transfers - location of the property division
2013-07-26 01:51:08
Also some important things Bravery: If your side wins the fight, everyone gets a bravery point if the person meets certain amount of experience. Lvl 3. - 40 Lvl 4. - 70 5 Lvl. - 120 6 Lvl. - 160 7 Lvl. - 200 8 Lvl. - 230 Lvl 9. - 260 Lvl 10.- 300
2013-07-26 01:50:26
Hello! Here are some advises and figures about Meine front game: Labourers: Rang 2 - 2 level - 0-20% skill Rank 2 - 3 level - 20-40% skill Rank 3 - 5 level - 40-60% skill Rank 4 - 7 level - 60-80% skill Rank 5 - 8 level - 80-100% skill Rank 6 - 9 level - 100% skill Explosion technician: 0% -10% - 3 level - Molotov coctail 10% -20% - 3 level - C1 fragmentation grenade, grenade sleeve 20% -30% - 3 level - infantry grenade C2 30% -40% - 4 level - smoke grenade 40% -50% - 4 level - Molotov cocktail with smoke 50% -60% - 5 level - fragmentation grenade C3, concentrated charge 60% -70% - 5 level - Blinding grenade 70% -80% - 6 level - Molotov Cocktail for testing 80% -90% - 7 Level - poisoning Grante 90% -100% - 7 Level - gun loaded with 5 shells 100% - 7 levels - crippling grenade 1.For first one should train melee and shooting weapons at 10%. Then only melee to 50-60%, from here you get knock out (KO) That is a Knock Out when you reach your opponent, he has no staying power is more the very advantageous in every battle, whether with a dog, wolf or a real opponent. 2.The best way you train each property with weapons zero levels so brass knuckles, pistol. 3.After each flush should be skill, the higher it is the faster, the are some trained. 4.Man should always pay attention to the mass of objects, 50% exceeded one gets penalty on the action spectacles.(If it were the case they have to open a cell at the People's Bank and leave the unnecessary burden there.) 5.For 20% of unskilled workers increases the rank to 2, then you earn in average per 40rm 20 cycles.
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